Jabril Mack-tion Hero

Nickelodeon award-winning cartoonist.Intern on Clarence at CN. USC Animation Student. I guess I'm a business owner now too! Thanks for stoppin' bye!I'm working on a move right now! Check it out!https://www.facebook.com/thedogboymovie

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Lookin’ like this on the menu.


Lookin’ like this on my plate.image

Be careful out there, y’all!

Can’t trust anything these days!


Check out this clip of the film I’ve been directing! My friends and I have been working on it for 2 years now and we are finally at the point where we can share it! Dog-Boy is going to be goooood! Check it out!

We are def gunna use that last take! Aaron killed it! #me next
#behindthescenes #voiceover

JT stops by to record his one line! I can always count on him to play random deep voiced characters. #lookoutjamesearljones #youtoobarrywhite #makingcartoons #nailedit #voiceacting


Was designing a sexy tat for a friend. Mom saw my doodle. Now I gotta go to church on Sunday.⛪️ #ineedjesus #booty 

This bossy little doodle is telling me what to do and idk how I feel about it! #haveaniceday #iwill #cuziwantto #notcuzuoitoldmeto

It was #USC day at LA County Fair! Arturo snapped this pretty cool pic! #LACF

Super excited to announce my latest project! @uscanimation is going to be better than ever this year, so give us a follow! We got tons of fun stuff planned! #usc # animation #fighton #dontwannamissout #fighton



So I got the chance to pitch at Cartoon Network last year. IT was SO much fun preparing and presenting. Thought I’d share my experience with you all. 

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